2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Named “Best Green Winter Vehicle”

Best Green Winter Vehicle | Glen Burnie, MD

Best Green Winter Vehicle

We might be in the dead of summer, but it’s time to start asking yourself if your car will get you through our harsh Maryland winters. If the answer is no, consider investing in a new 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The New England Motor Press Association recently named this model “Best Green Winter Vehicle.”

To determine the winner of this prestigious award, members of the New England Motor Press Association test-drove competing vehicles over a series of months, collecting data on performance and honing in on winter features, like traction and all-wheel drive. After the test drives, the judges compared notes, ultimately choosing the Outlander PHEV.

It’s not just incredible all-wheel drive (Super All-Wheel Control) that helped the 2018 Outlander PHEV earn this title, however. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV also boasts standard features like heated side mirrors, heated front seats, and de-icers on front and rear windshields. Moving up in trim level adds on other winter-friendly touches, like a heated steering wheel. Other key winter features include Traction Control Logic and Active Stability Control, as well as safety features like Blind Spot Warning with Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Lane Change Assist.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle that will have your back this winter, consider the 2018 Outlander PHEV. Test-drive this capable model for yourself when you stop by J.B.A. Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Wins Two GOOD DESIGN Awards for Cutting-Edge Design and Innovation

Mitsubishi GOOD DESIGN awards | Glen Burnie, MD

Mitsubishi GOOD DESIGN awards.

Aside from being the fastest growing non-luxury auto brand as of 2017, Mitsubishi recently garnered two prestigious GOOD DESIGN awards which affirm what we’ve known all along Mitsubishi vehicles aren’t just great cars, they’re also engineering masterpieces.

Both the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and the GT-PHEV Concept won GOOD DESIGN awards in acknowledgment of their exceptional design and innovation. Founded in 1950 by a group of prominent designers, the GOOD DESIGN award goes to industry leaders who are pushing artistic boundaries and exploring new directions. So, it’s no wonder that the all-new Eclipse Cross and the GT-PHEV gleaned recognition.

The 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is the newest addition to Mitsubishi’s vehicle lineup. The Eclipse slots between the Outlander and the Outlander Sport, in terms of size. It features a stunning exterior design, a sophisticated interior space, and a wide array of connectivity and safety features fine-tuned to deliver an exceptional experience to progressive drivers.

The GT-PHEV Concept made its first debut at the 2016 Paris Auto Show and, according to Mitsubishi vice president of design, forecasts how Mitsubishi’s current design philosophy might develop and shape the cars of tomorrow.

Celebrate the brand’s GOOD DESIGN awards by visiting J.B.A. Mitsubishi to test drive your favorite model.

Mitsubishi Showcases The Eclipse Cross With A Classic Reborn!

New Eclipse Cross | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MD

A Classic is Reborn.

One of the most beloved Mitsubishi models was the Eclipse sports sedan. However, as buyers’ needs changed, Mitsubishi adapted by ending the production of the Eclipse. Now, a classic reborn with the Eclipse name and is making a comeback in the form of the 2018 Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishi is showing off this new sporty crossover model with a new ad campaign called “A Classic Reborn.” This campaign will be featured on Mitsubishi’s YouTube channel along with various television markets.

In the commercial, you can see the stunning Eclipse Cross cruising through a city and other industrial areas. You also get a glimpse of the innovative technology available in the model. All of this is set to music performed by Damien Escobar and William Joseph. They teamed up to put a classical twist on the rock anthem, “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister, to portray how the Eclipse Cross combines the classic Eclipse name with contemporary style.

Francine Harsini, chief marketing officer, MMNA, said, “Eclipse Cross is not your typical crossover; it is defiant and clever and offers savvy show-and-tellers a vehicle that’s loaded with style and features at a great price that demands to be seen much like this campaign.”

Come test drive the 2018 Eclipse Cross for yourself when you visit us at J.B.A. Mitsubishi.

“Evo” Nameplate May Return to Mitsubishi’s Lineup

Mitsubishi seems to enjoy bringing back its retired nameplates—even if the company applies them to completely new vehicles. Such was made apparent when the brand brought back the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Eclipse was once a small and sporty compact car. But in its rebirth, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross returned as a

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MD

The Eclipse name made a comeback as the Eclipse Cross, paving the way for the “Evo” nameplate to return


At J.B.A. Mitsubishi, we tend to love everything that Mitsubishi releases, so it’s interesting to watch the progress of this brand and to see how it reinterprets classic models and nameplates. A recent statement from the Mitsubishi UK managing director Lance Bradley revealed that the “Evo” nameplate might be returning as well, but as a different type of vehicle than the original Mitsubishi Evolution.

At its first debut, the Mitsubishi Evolution was a sports sedan modeled after the Mitsubishi Lancer, both of which have since ceased production. If the nameplate does make a comeback, it’s probably not going to be a sports car if Mitsubishi’s current priorities are any indication. For now, the brand is focusing on electric powertrains and sophisticated SUVs. While there are no official details yet regarding the potential return of the “Evo” nameplate, we’re looking forward to seeing how Mitsubishi potentially combines the original sporty Evo with its current values.

As we wait for more news about the Evo revival, stop by J.B.A. Mitsubishi to take your favorite 2018 model for a test drive.

Cars 101: All About Trim Levels

When you buy a new car, you have more to decide than year, make, and model (though we’d love to help you with the make — just pick Mitsubishi)! You also have to consider the trim levels and determine which one is right for you.

Cars 101: All About Trim Levels | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDSo what is a trim level? In short, trim levels further distinguish one model from another. Take the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander, for example; trim levels help you further break down that specific Outlander to determine which set of features and potentially which powertrain you’d like. The Outlander trims include the ES 2.4, the SE 2.4, the LE 2.4, the SEL 2.4, and the GT 3.0 S-AWC.

Each of these trims offers specific features. Typically, as you move up in trim levels, you add on to the features available on the previous trim. Sometimes, a specific feature will be removed and replaced with something of a higher quality. For example, on a lower trim level, you may get cloth seats, but a higher trim level could change them out for leather seats and add in a heated seat feature.

Typically, the features that change from trim to trim could include the engine and transmission, the technology, the convenience and comfort features, or the safety features.

Have questions about specific trims at J.B.A. Mitsubishi? Our sales staff will be happy to talk through them with you.

Fall in Love with a New Ride

Fall in Love with a New Ride | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDWe aren’t too far away from Valentine’s Day, so now is a great time to fall in love with a new vehicle from JBA Mitsubishi.


The Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most affordable cars on the market; the small hatchback brings immense value to the road. Its high-efficiency engine, long-lasting warranty, and exhaustive list of available technologies, which includes Apple CarPlay, make it an attractive choice. Plus, it’s hard to ignore that sleek hatchback body.


Falling in love with a new ride comes in second to finding the perfect front-seat passenger. If you’ve already found that special someone, the Mitsubishi Outlander might be the perfect family vehicle. With seating for up to seven and affordable pricing, there’s no denying it’s an attractive option.


Taking the road less traveled is what some couples are into, and there’s no better crossover for the job than the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. The five-passenger crossover offers off-road capability when equipped with All-Wheel Control. Available safety technologies, such as Forward Collision Mitigation, make traveling less stressful, too.

DIY Exterior Car Care

Taking care of your car’s exterior has a multitude of benefits, including a more polished look and an increased resale value. Here are a few DIY exterior car care tips to get you on your way to a car that looks good every day of the week.

DIY Exterior Car Care | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDWash

The first step in caring for your car’s exterior is simply by washing it. Washing your car removes harmful debris, such as road salt and dead bugs. Ideally, you should wash your car in a shady spot on a cool day. Normally, this means the evenings and mornings are the best times of the day. If the car has been sitting in the sun all day, let it cool off before you begin.


After you’re finished washing your car, dry it using clean towels, leather cloths, or microfiber towels. Letting your car sit in the driveway to dry can result in water spots. You may not notice right away on the paint, but water spots on a windshield are easily noticeable.


Wax is a valuable asset in protecting your vehicle’s paint and finish. Applying a coat of wax seals it and protects it from UV rays, salt, and everything in between. Most car waxes come in liquid or cream form. Since one application lasts a month or two, waxing is a great way to ensure your vehicle looks good for years to come.

For anything you can’t handle on your own, our service team here at JBA Mitsubishi is ready to help

A History of Mitsubishi Racing: A Century of Performance

A History of Mitsubishi Racing | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDIn honor of Mitsubishi’s 100-year anniversary in 2017 (Mitsubishi’s automotive saga began in 1917), JBA Mitsubishi has opted to take a look back specifically at several Mitsubishi racing highlights over the years. These are some of the brightest moments in the history of Mitsubishi racing:

  • 1962: Though Mitsubishi designed its Model-A in 1917, it didn’t enter a vehicle into an international motorsports event until 1962 — the Macau Grand Prix. To no one’s surprise, the Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe set the track record right away.
  • 1970: Mitsubishi introduced the Colt Galant GTO in Japan, based on the Colt F Series, which won the Grand Prix five times.
  • 1971: Mitsubishi’s Colt F2000 Formula racecar earned the automaker’s sixth Grand Prix trophy.
  • 1973: Though still not an American staple, Mitsubishi continued to dominate racing internationally — earning a one-two-three finish in the Australian Southern Cross Rally.
  • 1983: At Mitsubishi’s first appearance at the Paris-Dakar Rally, the Montero earned the triple crown.
  • 1992: Everybody’s favorite — the Lancer Evolution — dominated the racing scene, earning several titles, including the World Rally Championship.
  • 1998: This year was a big one for Mitsubishi, with victories in the WRC, the FIA World Class Cup Cross-Country Rally, and a top-four sweep at the Darak Rally.
  • 2007: Another record was broken at Dakar when Mitsubishi earned its seventh consecutive win.
  • 2014: Even the EVs got in on the racing win when the MiEV Evolution III took first and second at Pikes Peak.

Easy Headlight Maintenance Tips

Easy Headlight Maintenance Tips | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDHeadlights, though not as crucial as an engine or brake pads, are an important part of your car to maintain. Here are a few headlight maintenance tips to keep yours shining bright.

Clean Foggy Headlights

If your headlights are less clear than they used to be, you will need to clean the fog from them to ensure proper visibility. You can purchase cleaning kits at most auto parts stores, though you can clean headlights well with toothpaste and baking soda in a pinch.

To start, clean off the exterior of the headlights with a spray cleaner, then dry off with a towel. Then apply your purchased cleaner liberally to the lenses and let it sit for a few minutes. After it sits, use a brush in a circular motion to remove the cleanser — but be gentle! Finally, use the towel to buff away any cleaner from the lens.

Replace Burnt Out Headlights

If a headlight burns out, replace immediately. Consult your owner’s manual for the proper replacement, which can be purchased at an auto parts store.

Open the hood of your car and remove the power connector from the back of the headlight. You’ll also need to take off the dust cover and press down on the clip holding the bulb in place (if your car has one). Wiggle the bulb loose by pulling on the housing. Insert the new bulb and twist until it is locked in. Then replace the clip, dust cover, and power connector. Always turn on your headlights to make sure they work.

Have questions? Contact the service department at JBA Mitsubishi.

Pros and Cons of Window Tinting

Pros and Cons of Window Tinting | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDWindow tinting is one way to make your vehicle stand out on the road, but it comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. We here at JBA Mitsubishi would like to share some pros and cons of window tinting so you can make an informed decision.

Pros of Window Tinting

  • Interior Temperature – Much like a sunshade, window tinting can help prolong the interior of the vehicle and keep the temperature comfortable. By protecting the interior from the sun’s rays, window tinting effectively helps protect the upholstery from fading or cracking. As for the temperature, even a little window tint can make a major difference in Texas.
  • Extra Security – Window tinting makes it much harder to see into a vehicle from the outside, which can add an extra layer of security and help deter thieves from breaking into your ride. After all, if thieves can’t see into the vehicle, how do they know if there’s anything worth stealing, or if someone is waiting inside?

Cons of Window Tinting

  • Too Much Tint – Having too much window tinting could affect your visibility from the inside of the vehicle, especially when you’re driving at night. You could also end up violating state law.
  • Peeling – Over time, your window tinting will begin to peel. That means you’ll need to remove it or have it redone in the future. Alternatively, you could leave the peeling window tinting, but it will likely affect the resale value of your vehicle.