How to Save Fuel

Summer marks a time of hot weather, new adventures, and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, the How to Save Fuel | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDsummer heat can also impact fuel economy. On the bright side, there are steps you can take to help improve you efficiency. We here at JBA Mitsubishi know how to save fuel while on the road this summer and we’re happy to share with you!

Slow Down

Simply slowing down will save vast amounts of fuel over the course of summer. Driving over the speed limit can result in significant mileage decreases. Spare a few minutes and drive the speed limit in order to conserve fuel.

Combine Trips

There are few better ways to save fuel than to plan your trips ahead of time. Local jaunts, such as errand running, are excellent ways to save fuel. Simply plan out your trip ahead of time so you don’t have to head home between errands. Longer trips, such as family road trips, should be planned as well. Know where you’re going whenever possible and avoid guessing the directions.

Choose Efficiency

The easiest way to save fuel is to drive a car with a higher efficiency rating. Some models, like trucks and SUVs, will offer more space and utility, but at the cost of lower fuel economy. If you don’t need the extra space or utility, it would be beneficial to drive a more efficient vehicle, such as a sedan or crossover.

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