A History of Mitsubishi Racing: A Century of Performance

A History of Mitsubishi Racing | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDIn honor of Mitsubishi’s 100-year anniversary in 2017 (Mitsubishi’s automotive saga began in 1917), JBA Mitsubishi has opted to take a look back specifically at several Mitsubishi racing highlights over the years. These are some of the brightest moments in the history of Mitsubishi racing:

  • 1962: Though Mitsubishi designed its Model-A in 1917, it didn’t enter a vehicle into an international motorsports event until 1962 — the Macau Grand Prix. To no one’s surprise, the Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe set the track record right away.
  • 1970: Mitsubishi introduced the Colt Galant GTO in Japan, based on the Colt F Series, which won the Grand Prix five times.
  • 1971: Mitsubishi’s Colt F2000 Formula racecar earned the automaker’s sixth Grand Prix trophy.
  • 1973: Though still not an American staple, Mitsubishi continued to dominate racing internationally — earning a one-two-three finish in the Australian Southern Cross Rally.
  • 1983: At Mitsubishi’s first appearance at the Paris-Dakar Rally, the Montero earned the triple crown.
  • 1992: Everybody’s favorite — the Lancer Evolution — dominated the racing scene, earning several titles, including the World Rally Championship.
  • 1998: This year was a big one for Mitsubishi, with victories in the WRC, the FIA World Class Cup Cross-Country Rally, and a top-four sweep at the Darak Rally.
  • 2007: Another record was broken at Dakar when Mitsubishi earned its seventh consecutive win.
  • 2014: Even the EVs got in on the racing win when the MiEV Evolution III took first and second at Pikes Peak.

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