“Evo” Nameplate May Return to Mitsubishi’s Lineup

Mitsubishi seems to enjoy bringing back its retired nameplates—even if the company applies them to completely new vehicles. Such was made apparent when the brand brought back the Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Eclipse was once a small and sporty compact car. But in its rebirth, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross returned as a

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MD

The Eclipse name made a comeback as the Eclipse Cross, paving the way for the “Evo” nameplate to return


At J.B.A. Mitsubishi, we tend to love everything that Mitsubishi releases, so it’s interesting to watch the progress of this brand and to see how it reinterprets classic models and nameplates. A recent statement from the Mitsubishi UK managing director Lance Bradley revealed that the “Evo” nameplate might be returning as well, but as a different type of vehicle than the original Mitsubishi Evolution.

At its first debut, the Mitsubishi Evolution was a sports sedan modeled after the Mitsubishi Lancer, both of which have since ceased production. If the nameplate does make a comeback, it’s probably not going to be a sports car if Mitsubishi’s current priorities are any indication. For now, the brand is focusing on electric powertrains and sophisticated SUVs. While there are no official details yet regarding the potential return of the “Evo” nameplate, we’re looking forward to seeing how Mitsubishi potentially combines the original sporty Evo with its current values.

As we wait for more news about the Evo revival, stop by J.B.A. Mitsubishi to take your favorite 2018 model for a test drive.

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