Mitsubishi Mirage Could Evolve Into New Subcompact Crossover

Mirage Could Evolve Into New Crossover | J.B.A. Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MD

Mitsubishi has spent the past few years fine-tuning its lineup following the success of crossovers like the Outlander and Outlander Sport. The brand’s portfolio is expanding to include new crossovers and SUVs while less popular sedans are phasing out. Rumor has it that the next model the brand will replace is the Mirage. Experts are theorizing that Mitsubishi will morph the Mirage nameplate into a new subcompact crossover, to appeal to a new demographic.

The Japanese magazine Response first reported the change to Mitsubishi’s lineup. The publication also implied the Mirage could be entering its next generation with a growth spurt, growing in size to become a crossover rather than the car it has always been. The new crossover would slot below the new Eclipse Cross and gain all-new performance and powertrain features. This change should happen around 2020.

As of right now, Mitsubishi hasn’t confirmed or denied any rumors that the new subcompact crossover will be a fresh take on the Mirage name. However, considering the Mitsubishi Eclipse model transformations into the Eclipse Cross, industry insiders seem pretty convinced the Mirage will follow suit.

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