Winter Driving Tips: Staying Safe in Harsh Weather

2017 Mitsubishi Oulander Sport LE

Driving in the winter can be particularly tricky, especially if there’s snow, ice, or sleet on the road. Here are a few basic winter driving tips to keep in mind when road conditions are less than ideal, from slowing down to performing routine maintenance. In some cases you may also want to get special equipment to help you tackle winter.

According to AAA, you should avoid driving if you’re tired. The holidays can be particularly demanding, which is why it’s important to get 7-8 hours of rest before hitting the road. According to several studies, driving fatigued can be the equivalent to driving under the influence of alcohol: It slows reaction time and affects your coordination.

Avoid warming up your car in an enclosed area. Carbon monoxide can accumulate if there is poor ventilation, which could lead to poisoning. While it is tempting to heat your car in the garage because it’s nice and toasty, it can also be dangerous.

In addition to considering using winter tires, you should check that your car’s tires are properly inflated. Winter tires are built with special treads and rubber compounds that help it get a better grip on the road.  It also holds up better in cold weather. Under inflation and over-inflation can also cause problems, leading to an increased likelihood of blowouts.

It’s best to be prepared, especially for those sudden bursts of hazardous weather. Remember, even though it can be frustrating, it’s better to drive smart rather than have an accident. If you need to prepare your vehicle for winter weather, bring it to the service department at JBA Mitsubishi.

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