5 Scenic Places in Maryland to Drive Your New Mitsubishi

Scenic Places in Maryland

Gunpowder Falls State Park by Gavin St. Ours

Maryland is far from the largest state but it features some of the most scenic drivers in the world. From vast mountains to historic sites, there’s plenty to do and see, especially when you saved money and got everything you wanted in your new Mitsubishi. Check out these five scenic places in Maryland to drive you new Mitsubishi from us here at JBA Mitsubishi!

  • Blue Crab Scenic Byway – Those in love with water will find the Blue Crab Scenic Byway the perfect trip for them. The path has access to both the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. Best of all, it offers a perfect view no matter the season!
  • Falls Road – Country and city combine along Falls Road, a scenic route that’s bound to help you get in touch with nature. Hiking paths at Gunpowder Falls State Park are the perfect location to stretch your legs.
  • Mason and Dixon Scenic Byway – Arguably one of the most well-known drives in America, the Mason Dixon Scenic Byway stretches just over 100 miles. The route traverses rural parts of the state and offers an intense, natural experience.
  • Antietam Campaign – History buffs will get their fix by traveling along the Antietam Campaign, the prime location for the Battle of Antietam. The bloodiest location of the Civil War offers scenic views, no history knowledge required.
  • Mountain Maryland Byway – Breathtaking views and a thrilling ride come together on the Mountain Maryland Byway. Travel along loops and curves to take in the magnificence that is the Maryland’s western mountains.

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