The History of Mitsubishi and Its Principals

Mitsubishi Motors is celebrating its 100th anniversary since the release of its very first vehicle, the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A. So how has Mitsubishi Motors lasted such a long time? The truth is that Mitsubishi first began in 1870 as a shipping firm and put its foot in as many ponds as possible over the next few decades until it finally dove into auto manufacturing.

History of Mitsubishi


Today, Mitsubishi is one of the largest companies in Japan—Mitsubishi Bank is the biggest bank in the country, Mitsubishi Corporation the biggest trading company, and so on. Over almost 150 years the company has developed three corporate principals that have let them maintain integrity and social responsibility.

Corporate Responsibility

One of these principals is Corporate Responsibility to Society. This principal focuses on enriching society in everything the company does as well as work to protect and improve the global environment. The second principal is Integrity and Fairness, which is a policy of transparency and openness that allows the company to maintain its integrity and never act unfairly. The third is Global Understanding Through Business, which is all about expanding business with a global perspective.

This commitment to transparency, global expansion, and responsibility to society has let Mitsubishi become a force of nature in business worldwide. For more information on the history of Mitsubishi or our high-quality vehicles, give us a call at JBA Mitsubishi.

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