Summer Car Maintenance to Prepare for Vacation

Summer Car Maintenance
Ah, summer! What’s the first thing you think of when you picture “summer”? Is it cookouts on the grill, bonfires, or long roadtrips with your friends or family to a relaxing vacation at the beach? If that last option is on your list of plans within the next few months, there’s something you should consider before you start focusing on packing your luggage or who’s going to watch the family pet – your car! You should plan to do some summer car maintenance before you set out on the open road.

  • Keep yourself AND your car cool: Before you head out on any sweltering summer adventures, make sure both your air conditioning and your car’s cooling system are in working order.

  • Take care of your engine: Change your oil on time and have your engine inspected by a pro. If your engine goes, the whole car goes.

  • Check your tires: Hot pavement and friction can do a number on your tires. Rotate them often, make sure they’re properly inflated, and check the tread depth before you go.

  • Maintain your brakes: It’s important to listen to your breaks; if there’s any squealing, grinding, or otherwise weird noises, you should probably check them.

  • Prepare for summer thunderstorms: Don’t estimate the power of brand new windshield wipers. Practice driving more defensively and cautiously in the rain, as well.

Summer car maintenance is crucial to having a great, worry-free vacation. Need to have your car serviced before you go? Stop by our service department at JBA Mitsubishi.

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