Easy Car Maintenance You Can Do At Home

Performing easy car maintenance at home can save you money in the long run. Here’s some examples.

Air Filter

Easy Car Maintenance You Can Do At Home | JBA Mitsubishi | Glen Burnie, MDPossibly the easiest on the list, changing your air filter should only take about ten minutes. Look for the air filter casing, open it up, remove the old filter, and replace it with the new one in the same position the old was in.

Windshield Wipers

Changing your wipers is also a quick and easy job. Lift your old blades off the windshield and remove them by pressing the detachable tab on their underside, then attach the new ones.

Oil and Oil Filter

This one’s a little more complicated, but still easy. Drain the old oil into a pan under your vehicle and, while you’re waiting for the oil to drain, change your oil filter. Then, simply replace the oil plug and refill the oil cap with the new oil.

Battery Maintenance

Make sure to remove the battery terminals, removing the negative cable first. Then, clean corrosion off the posts, rinse, and dry with a rag, then replace the terminals.

Changing Exterior Lights

Another super-simple one, all you have to do is purchase new light bulbs, remove the casing for the old bulb, and install the new one. While you’re at it, you may want to clean the inside of the light casing, too.

It can be fun to learn how to do easy car maintenance yourself. It saves you a lot of time that you’d spend running to your local repair shop.

Summer Car Maintenance to Prepare for Vacation

Summer Car Maintenance
Ah, summer! What’s the first thing you think of when you picture “summer”? Is it cookouts on the grill, bonfires, or long roadtrips with your friends or family to a relaxing vacation at the beach? If that last option is on your list of plans within the next few months, there’s something you should consider before you start focusing on packing your luggage or who’s going to watch the family pet – your car! You should plan to do some summer car maintenance before you set out on the open road.

  • Keep yourself AND your car cool: Before you head out on any sweltering summer adventures, make sure both your air conditioning and your car’s cooling system are in working order.

  • Take care of your engine: Change your oil on time and have your engine inspected by a pro. If your engine goes, the whole car goes.

  • Check your tires: Hot pavement and friction can do a number on your tires. Rotate them often, make sure they’re properly inflated, and check the tread depth before you go.

  • Maintain your brakes: It’s important to listen to your breaks; if there’s any squealing, grinding, or otherwise weird noises, you should probably check them.

  • Prepare for summer thunderstorms: Don’t estimate the power of brand new windshield wipers. Practice driving more defensively and cautiously in the rain, as well.

Summer car maintenance is crucial to having a great, worry-free vacation. Need to have your car serviced before you go? Stop by our service department at JBA Mitsubishi.

How a Used Car Becomes a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
So you’re interested in getting a certified pre-owned vehicle. That’s great! There’s a number of benefits to owning a CPO vehicle that make it less of a risk and a better choice than your typical used car. CPO vehicles are guaranteed quality, usually have more recent model years than most used cars for sale, and come with several perks and a warranty that make buying a previously-owned car stress-free. But how, exactly, does a used car become a certified pre-owned vehicle?

Regardless of the company, all CPO vehicles are subjected to a strenuous inspection that involves everything from the external appearance to the mechanical inner workings of the car. Mitsubishi’s CPO program, for example, utilizes a 123-point inspection, in addition to requiring the car to be no older than five years old and to have less than 60,000 miles on the odometer. If a model passes this thorough inspection and repair process, it gets certified and comes with perks like the best warranty in the business, 24-hour Roadside Assistance, a Vehicle History Report, and more.

Owning a certified pre-owned vehicle takes some of the worrying that goes into the car-buying process off your shoulders and puts it on the manufacturer instead. If you’re interesting in a Mitsubishi CPO vehicle, head over to our dealership here at JBA Mitsubishi and let us introduce you to our inventory of trustworthy, certified used cars.

The History of Mitsubishi and Its Principals

Mitsubishi Motors is celebrating its 100th anniversary since the release of its very first vehicle, the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A. So how has Mitsubishi Motors lasted such a long time? The truth is that Mitsubishi first began in 1870 as a shipping firm and put its foot in as many ponds as possible over the next few decades until it finally dove into auto manufacturing.

History of Mitsubishi


Today, Mitsubishi is one of the largest companies in Japan—Mitsubishi Bank is the biggest bank in the country, Mitsubishi Corporation the biggest trading company, and so on. Over almost 150 years the company has developed three corporate principals that have let them maintain integrity and social responsibility.

Corporate Responsibility

One of these principals is Corporate Responsibility to Society. This principal focuses on enriching society in everything the company does as well as work to protect and improve the global environment. The second principal is Integrity and Fairness, which is a policy of transparency and openness that allows the company to maintain its integrity and never act unfairly. The third is Global Understanding Through Business, which is all about expanding business with a global perspective.

This commitment to transparency, global expansion, and responsibility to society has let Mitsubishi become a force of nature in business worldwide. For more information on the history of Mitsubishi or our high-quality vehicles, give us a call at JBA Mitsubishi.

How to Test Drive a Car

People test drive cars all the time, but how many of them really know what to look for? Especially if you’re test driving a used car, you want to make sure you’re using that opportunity to make sure that car is totally right for you. Here are some tips on how to test drive a car.

Test Drive

Once you’ve decided on a few cars to test drive to compare notes on, make appointments at the dealership all fairly close together so that they’re fresh in your mind when you make your decision. At the dealership, before you take the car out, look it over thoroughly.

Does it have enough cargo space and seating? If you have kids who will be in the car, bring them with you and have them test out the back seats. Do they fold down easily? All of this is important if you’re going to invest in a vehicle long-term.

Next, drive it. You aren’t just listening for signs of damage or worn parts, though that’s definitely a concern, especially with used cars. You want to listen to the cabin—if it’s quiet or noisy, if you can hear the engine—and get a feel for the way it drives, how far away the controls are from the steering wheel.  If it’s not comfortable or accessible for you, you might want to consider other vehicles. Check the AC and heat, make sure everything is working properly.

These are general guidelines, so check out Car & Driver’s piece on it here, and if you’re looking to take something for a test drive, let our team know at JBA Mitsubishi!

5 Scenic Places in Maryland to Drive Your New Mitsubishi

Scenic Places in Maryland

Gunpowder Falls State Park by Gavin St. Ours

Maryland is far from the largest state but it features some of the most scenic drivers in the world. From vast mountains to historic sites, there’s plenty to do and see, especially when you saved money and got everything you wanted in your new Mitsubishi. Check out these five scenic places in Maryland to drive you new Mitsubishi from us here at JBA Mitsubishi!

  • Blue Crab Scenic Byway – Those in love with water will find the Blue Crab Scenic Byway the perfect trip for them. The path has access to both the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. Best of all, it offers a perfect view no matter the season!
  • Falls Road – Country and city combine along Falls Road, a scenic route that’s bound to help you get in touch with nature. Hiking paths at Gunpowder Falls State Park are the perfect location to stretch your legs.
  • Mason and Dixon Scenic Byway – Arguably one of the most well-known drives in America, the Mason Dixon Scenic Byway stretches just over 100 miles. The route traverses rural parts of the state and offers an intense, natural experience.
  • Antietam Campaign – History buffs will get their fix by traveling along the Antietam Campaign, the prime location for the Battle of Antietam. The bloodiest location of the Civil War offers scenic views, no history knowledge required.
  • Mountain Maryland Byway – Breathtaking views and a thrilling ride come together on the Mountain Maryland Byway. Travel along loops and curves to take in the magnificence that is the Maryland’s western mountains.

What You Need to Know About Tires

What You Need to Know About Tires

Mitsubishi Tires

Properly maintaining your tires is something many drivers don’t think about until there’s a problem. Fortunately, taking a few proper precautions can help significantly improve your ownership experience. Here are a few things you need to know about tires from us here at JBA Mitsubishi.

Proper Tire Inflation

Keeping your tires inflated to the manufacturer-suggested pressure may seem pointless but it comes with a variety of benefits. Drivers who maintain the optimal pressure will experience a smoother ride and better fuel economy. Their tires will also see a longer lifespan, resulting in savings over time.

It pays off to check your tire pressure once a week or so.

Signs You Need New Tires

There are a number of signs you need new tires. First, the penny test, where you place Lincoln’s head into the tire tread, is a great indicator of whether your tires have enough tread for optimal traction. A tire where Lincoln’s head is still showing has less than 2/32-inches of tread, which means you should get a new set of tires.

Tires are often subject to wind, rain, heat, and various other weather conditions. As a result, abnormalities, like cracks, and bulges, can form. Examine your tires weekly for abnormalities. If you spot any, it’s time for a new set of tires.

The 2017 Mitsubishi SUV Lineup: A New Addition

Mitsubishi has a new compact USV on the way, a vehicle that’s scheduled for its big debut in mid-March at the Geneva Motor Show. This international event is one of the largest in the world, a prime location to unveil the new car. A name hasn’t been released yet, but we do know that it will be added to the current SUV lineup alongside the Outlander and Outlander PHEV. We can’t wait to see this new model in action.

New Mitsubishi


According to Mitsubishi, The Mitsubishi SUV lineup is adding this new compact ride to meet the growing demand of urban-friendly vehicles that still have capabilities and plenty of space. A teaser photo has been released, showing a strong stance, short rear end, and a wedge-shape belt line. You’ll also find flared fenders and a truly sporty feel.


Possible features include the Super All-Wheel Control system, common to all SUV models, as well as a multi-link rear axle for added handling. Under the hood may be a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that is mated to a continuously variable transmission. Mitsubishi has been known to include electric-hybrid options on similar vehicles as well. Nevertheless, Mitsubishi is keeping this new compact SUV under wraps.

What does this mean for you? In addition to an exciting unveiling, the new SUV will provide drivers with added selection. With more cars to choose from, you can more easily find a model that meets your every need. All of us at JBA Mitsubishi are very excited for this new vehicle!

Winter Car Care: Keeping Your Vehicle in Prime Condition

Winter can wreak havoc on your car, especially with cold temperatures, road grime, and harsh weather. That’s why it’s important to perform proper winter car care. From the tires to the battery, there are a few things you should keep in mind this winter season. Such maintenance and service can not only keep you save, but it can also prevent future breakdowns.

Winter Car Care


According to Autotrader, one of the most neglected—yet most important—features during winter months is lighting. The sun sets earlier in winter, which means you’ll be doing more nighttime driving. Plus, most precipitation calls for headlights as well. You should not only check to make sure that no lights are out, but you may also want to consider adjusting your headlight level to improve visibility. You can also treat your headlights with special chemicals to remove the yellowish layer that builds up on older vehicles.


Next, check the electrical. Cold temperatures and electricity don’t get along—that’s why you should take a look at the battery. Look for frayed wires or corroded battery terminals. Naturally, you should avoid contact with any live electrical components, as this could be dangerous. You might consider bringing your car in for a battery test, as a professional can tell you how much charge is left. No one wants to get stranded in the dead of winter.


Finally, check your tires. First, look at tire pressure. If you haven’t filled it recently, it’s probably low. That’s because tire pressure dips 1 psi for every 10 degrees (plus, tires lose pressure naturally over time). Also, look at the treads. The only way to get better grip is to get new tires (consider winter tires). Don’t be overconfident when it comes to four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive—these prevent you from getting stuck, but tire tread is how to really improve grip.


Follow these winter car care tips to stay safe and sound on the road or contact JBA Mitsubishi to help get your car ready for winter!

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